Thursday, September 3, 2009

The new face of Islam

It is so difficult to produce an ad that actually works for Ramadan... All those charities either go too pathetic, or too blunt, or too corny... Then once in a while, a beautiful ad, full of dignity and nobility all while delivering the message as it ought to be. This is the case with the Zakat ads (Zakat or the sharing or one's earnings with those less fortunate and is one of the five pillars of Islam. For a full definition please go to where - Bin Laden zealots eat your hearts out - a young man and woman ask the viewer "I have done my zakat. Have you?" He looks like a junior executive in a company, or someone making his way through the hierarchy or a bank; she might be a kindergarten teacher or a nutruition specialist - both are young talented individuals, who happen to be devout Moslems. By using these new faces - fresh, innocent, believing but not trying to convert anyone in the process - Dar El Fatwa (Mother insitution of the Zakat) strikes gold in an ad that could have just another Ramadan bore.
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