Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chou "laziz" indeed!

Beirut/NTSC is in love with the newest eatery in town.... Laziz! Which means in Arabic "cute" for also cool or someone who is funny and also "delicious" this newest find from the Boubess group is so arabic-pop funky with its yellow and red traditional chairs, and its oh-so-cute decoration.... For once Beirut/NTSC is not showing any self-made photos but the original designs as provided by the Boubess marketing arm (Thanks Hady for the cooperation!). Truly an interesting concept that is both an eye candy and a good place to eat... We are in love with the check folder in the shape of the Lebanese passport, the 70s inspired corporate traymat and the badges in their different shapes.... A note to all readers, is that as opposed to other publications who get paid to put press releases and biased reviews on product, all Beirut/NTSC posts are neither sollicited nor endorsed by"clients" or brands and reflect purely personal and aesthetic judgement from my part.
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