Sunday, August 2, 2009

The boys of summer

Never mind Don Henley's song, just breeze through the Lebanese version... Just seeing the Awtar restaurant ad for its belly dancing duo sends me to Maison Tellier's Lulu and Framboise (Guy de Maupassant) but then I guess it is just me having a wet dream.... Then, for all those who thought the ghost of Michael Jackson was a prank, thing again, apparently the "Buzz" (A local drink) has it otherwise. The City Mall is here simply because it is the only ad in town with summer colors and summer moods - the rest are still either in a post-election mood or a pre-Ramadan one. IWC or rather IWsee-through strikes a genius note which is very welcome in the dull background of the city - naturally at such a price IWC could have easily put something to cover its parts - but then, if that's the price of a beautiful ad so be it!... Mobilitop, a gallery catering mostly to C class people, announces its sales with a brilliant billboard "It is time to save" (Save the summer from dull ads as well!). Tefal, talking to francophone housewives, stikes a note while the whirlpool lingerie program is deemed offensive by one man but cute by a woman I know. I tend to side with her on this one!
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