Tuesday, August 25, 2009

As if narguile smoking was not enough

Narguile smoking is a plague that is sweeping Lebanon..... And now that the holy Month of Ramadan is among us, there is even more excuse for smoking Narguile so no wonder these ads are being plastered.... The first, for mouassal Ajami (Which if I understand correctly is the flavor of the narguile - grape, melon, two apples (That's how it's called), etc.... And the other is for Firdaws (Paradise) which again is some sort of flavoring. The trick about Ferdaws is that they came up with a creative ad that goes "min timmak la bweb el sama" or "from your mouth to the gates of paradise" (Metaphorically, "may your wishes become realities).... A clever ad, to sell poison..... Come to where the flavor is, come to Narguile country.
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