Monday, July 13, 2009

A-Films: I love it when a film comes together

This just came in from A-films.... A-films is an autonomous anarchist media collective.we do video workshops in the middle east and europe and produce short films. In the release below they tell of their new works on Nahr El Bared camp in the North of Lebanon: We have recently published two short documentaries on the currentsituation in the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp, Lebanon. They'reboth available online in multiple languages."A Sip of Coffee" (26min) follows a father and his son as they attempt todeal with their unemployment. The two have been living in metal barracksfor more than a year, waiting to return to their camp. By documentingissues of reconstruction, temporary housing, economy, unemployment anddespair, the film touches on the daily experience of life in Nahr al-BaredCamp. "A Sip of Coffee" can be watched and downloaded here: "Two Years under Siege" (10min) deals with the siege imposed on Nahral-Bared Camp by the Lebanese army and the permit system. The co-owner ofan ice cream factory, the president of the local Trader's Committee andthe Imam of the al-Quds Mosque speak out on the siege and its economicconsequences. "Two Years Under Siege" can be watched and downloaded here: a-films has produced several reports and short films on Nahr al-Bared Campwithin the past two years. All of them are available here:
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