Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Graduate - USEK - Souk el ahad - Eliane Bou Chaaya

Beirut/NTSC will cover the graduates of Universite St Esprit Kaslik graduates in advertising of the year 2009 starting with Eliane Bou Chaaya who did her project on Souk El Aha or the Beirut flea market. She found the perfect way to retranspose the souk as it is all while giving it the incredible copywriting treatement it deserves. Her TV commercials, shot with a handycam there are a perfect example of non-scripted advertising. Beirut/NTSC wishes Eliane the best in her up and coming career. Selling line: Ma'ata'a Mwassal - which doubles as "Been there done that" and "Split and patched up" the first in reference to that fact that only things that have a history make it there and to the second in reference to the geographic distribution of the stands there.
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