Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Epilogue: Tout le monde a gagne?

And so that was the election that was, the majority won 71 seats and the opposition 57 - a total status quo from before the madness.... I shall leave the political analysts to their task of making sense of what happened, but will concentrate as ever on the media angle... On Thursday, before the elections, I saw the most interesting children program it was kids having to call and vote between A'am Rumman (Uncle Rumman) and Succar Succara (His marionette). Their electoral slogans were hillarious, for Uncle Rumman (Which means Pommegrenate) it was: "We wanted someone who was a man and didn't find anyone but Uncle Rumman" and for her "Neither hickory nor soap, Succar Succara is our only hope."
Despite her winning by a landslide, they both decide to govern together because "Strength is in unity" a message severely echoed by the Ministry of Interior's ads broadcasted as of Sunday "Each one of us is a winner" (Simply because we managed to vote without killing one another). And now, everyone is talking about a unity government and all that... So to repeat the catchphrase of late Jacques Martin in his own children programme L'ecole des fans: "Tout le monde a gagne"... (Everyone won). So why make us go through the hassle of choosing?
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