Monday, June 1, 2009

Collateral damage

Once more derivative ads are the it thing. After all, with time getting tight for elections bandwagon, everyone is jumping on it. First comes City Mall with its mid-season sales, the lady's shopping list reads like a long list of electoral candidates who are being crossed (Blag Shoes, Long Dress, etc.... Notice: Name Surname - to make it look even more close to a list).

Vodka Wyborowa comes to town inciting everyone to wote their opnion and that w is wodka.... Were they drunk or something?Diamony lingerie wants us to elect is model, and Fedex Kinko's incites the candidates that whereas each candidate has his department (Also reads in Arabic as circle) Fedex is here for everyone with a special offer on caps, T-shirts, and other electoral paraphrenalia.

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