Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The war of the words....

It's a full-fledged war outsite that's for sure!... Following the Sois Belle et Vote ad by the FPM and deluge of ads was all over the internet. The Lebanese Forces replied with the subtle "Sois beTe et vote Tayyar" (Be stupid and vote for FPM), to which the FPM itself replied with "Sois jins atel et vote shou esmo hayda" which is a direct parody of the LF's current ally Walid Jumblatt whose recent video cursing the Maronites (Of which the LF think they are the current flag holder) as "jins atel" (A bad breed) and referring to their leader Samir Geagea as "shou esmo hayda" (What's his name?).... In the starring role of the ad is Neyla Mouawad running in the same coalition as Joumblatt and what's his name... Now of course, this being the internet, there is already a site entitled (Which also contains some home made images of the FPM as orange sperms fertilizing the Future Movement's blue egg - both colors have now become trademarks of the parties in question - and of an orange bowling ball striking figures of Michel el Murr, Saad Hariri, Walid Joumblatt, Chou esmo hayda, and Amine Gemayel). Now, you will not believe this, but there is also a website called which contains a photo of Samir Geagea with starlet Haifa Wehbe during a party with her hand pointing to his genitals with the caption "that's him!" - photo provided above as downloaded from the website.
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