Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oui... the people!

"Harakat el chaab" (People's movement - a leftist party led by chain-smoking ex-MP Najah Wakim)have entered the election fray with an ad that refers directly to late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish "Sajjel ana arabi" (Take note, I am an Arab) and headlines: "Take vote, I am an Arab" (Sawwet ana arabi) emphasizing thus their pan-Arab tendencies. Another poster by Harakat el chaab says "vote, because your vote will not be spare change" (Sawwit, hatta ma ykoun sawtak fark 3emle) - in direct reference to the political money that will be injected to buy votes. One third exectution says "vote, because your voice matters" (Sawwet, la2anno sawtak bi2addem w bi2akhher). Maybe the most interesting aspect of the whole campaign is its title "raise your voice" (Which also reads as "raise your ballot) with even a website to accompany it.
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