Monday, April 6, 2009

Mix and (mis)match

And so here we are, some more of the same!... Elmarada (the giants) are "East of Eden" proving to be a "giant" and a "rebel with a cause." OK, too much James Dean puns, but they fit!.... Their ads are deptively simple: "You voice is a giant" (Sawtak mared) or "05: they stole your voice. 09: Make your voice heard." (O5 in reference to "independence05")... Straight to the point. He who dares argue will be treated in pure "northern" fashion (Which we call "shoot him and go out, we don't want any fuss!)... Free Patriotic Movement get light humoured - a welcome change from all those "right" or "wrong" ads - and they say in reference to the local idiom "the mistake of the rightuous is worth a thousand" that "the mistake of the rightuous is worth two thousand and nine." Another ad inspired by the elections comes courtesy of Caritas. "Give them a voice" or "give them a shout." In other words, do not forget them. Every year Caritas does this wide donations campaign and the donations box looks so much like the ballots' box. So by saying "give them a voice" is means, "vote for them" - the needy and under priviledged ones. Not bad, and a good ride on the elctions' bandwagon. Finally, and out of nowhere, we have a marriage proposal! Cedric wants to marry Sara... But like a good telenovela, we will only know the answer in the next episode!
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