Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deprived.... no more....

Photos copyright Rami of Just in case anyone thought that only Hizbullah are doing the marketing on behalf of the Shiites, Amal is here to remind them that it is the other part of the equation. For a long time Amal (Afwaj al Mouquawama al Loubnaniya - AML or HOPE) have branded themselves as "deprived" or "mahroumin" (From the services of the states and all other things). Amal has joined the current media battle with the above photos. One of them shows children with the logo of AMAL (Hope) which forms the letter M.... And the second is the word "Tadamon" (solidarity) with again the logo forming the letter M - interestingly the solidarity in question is between Christians and Moslems (In the this case referring to their new ally General Michel Aoun). Not earth shattering but good enough to carry the message.
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