Thursday, March 26, 2009

The future isn't what we imagined it to be....

And so here they are... Some more pre-election installements of the saga... First, the ubiquitous 14th of March coalition - now too heterogeneous to be seriously taken as coalition - with three ads (Only one of which appears): Lebanon first (One finger shows), we both win (two fingers showing), "Liberty, sovereignty, independence" (three fingers show). Above is a photo of the third installment but without the fingers. The comes the first outing of the future movement (Al Mustaqbal), a whole derivative of products courtesy of the Hariri family. In the two ads above, one says "In order to know the future, you have to make it," and the second "The future is where you spend the rest of your life." There is one last item missing "the future is promissing, for sure" which does not appear above. However, we are far - too far - from the smartness of the ad of Al Mustaqbal newspaper which said "No one stands in the way of the future" (La Ahada yakifou fi wajh al mustaqbal) - however, in Arabic "One" means "person" but also "Sunday" - so it read "No Sunday is going to stand in the way of the future.... And no Monday or Tuesday...." (Which was an ad to promote the Sunday edition of the newspaper). The wrap up comes from the Lebanese Forces, who sould spend some money to hire some good creatives. "Your voice changes all the photo" - with a photo of riots attributed perviously to Hizbullah. The concept in itself a recycling of an earlier small ad which was plastered in poster form in Christian areas.
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