Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I admit it, I have been outdone!

With the snow hitting London like nobody's business, the remarkable chaps at the Guardian came up with this brilliant feature. In comparison, my "welcome to sNovenia" rather pales... "It Snow Joke: Submit your dodgy puns here With half our office skiving, sorry, snowed in and unable to make it to work, we've decided to idle away our office hours coming up with snow-related band names and song titles. Yes, we really do get paid for this. So far we've got ... The Beatles - Please Freeze Me Faith Snow More The Rolling Stones - Sleet Fighting Man The Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be Ice Snow Age The Beatles - Snowball You Need is Love Although you can probably do better. 50 groan points for anyone who suggests There's No Business Like Snow Business..."
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