Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Letter from my Technical English Course students.

Because awards and rewards come in different shapes and forms, it is with delight that I transcribe to you the letter that was presented to me by my Technical English Class this semester at Universite St. Esprit Kaslik this semester. I suppose it is such tokens of appreciation that keep one going on. "Throughout history, known teachers such as Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Galileo, and Pythagoras introduced great knowledge to humanity and we have known in you a character equal in greatness for you have served education in a new dimension through your exemplary and innovative teaching. This semester with the first project, you have us a chance to discover our deepest emotions, thoughts and dreams and get to know our colleagues. Not only did you provide us with tools such motivation letters, recommendation letter, briefs,… to be able to use for building our future, but you also chose to go deeper by strengthening our culture through the slogans session and enhancing our capabilities of team work. Mostly we were touched by your creative insights; as you showed us a new eccentric, unpredictable way of thinking that will distinguish us from others in our fields. You are not only our teacher, rather you are our friend, philosopher, pioneer and guide all molded into one person. We found in you guidance, friendship, discipline and love. We appreciate the effort you put into our education and we are grateful to you for your support. An ideal teacher is one we respect from our heart. One such teacher builds the whole life of students. We respect you Mr. Tarek Chemaly. Technical English Class 2008-09"
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