Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Royal comes back to claim the Crown of Cola

(C) The onion - Cola wars monument So RC (Royal Crown) Cola is back. The last time anyone heard of this brand was... a long, long time ago. I still remember vivid images from my childhood with that beautiful blond riding on an Arabian horse in the desert with the jingle going in full blast in an very hoarse Arab interpretation - RRRR CCC.... But naturally, that blonde today is quite old, most likely is not as still in a good shape, and so the RC people settle for another strategy: Going against the two cola giants in the region. If one looks closely at the ad, one sees - with much horror I may ad - the back of the Coca-Cola and the Pepsi cans regonizable by their trademark colors. Whereas this is the Holy Month of Ramadan, neither of the two companies offered any specific discount of offer to entice Muslim families to consume more of their products, so it was with astonishment that I saw that it was RC which started the price battle (A 2,25 liter of its Lime and Orange variations at 1,000 LBP - which equals 0.6666 USD) whereas the other two sell it for 1,750 LBP for the other two. I am not sure going against the cola giants in the region is a sound strategy, I would have expected RC to play the "Uncola" card that 7UP played in the past... Well, the cola wars are back on track I guess (Refer to the sarcastic photo illustration of The Onion newspaper for the proposed Washington DC Cola Wars memorial)... With a new guerilla out and about. This should prove interesting.

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