Monday, September 29, 2008

Ripping off your Daniela Tobler

Last time Daniela Tobler (A local company specializing in jeans) ripped off something for their communication campaign (They had stolen the "Little Miss Sunshine" idea of the yellow van and all that) my opinion was positive as the ad seemed a "tribute" to LMS (Little Miss...) and it contrasted so violently with the doom and gloom political ads in town. But this time, for the logo of their spin-off brand Mitsy (Which completes any DT fan's wardrobe with tops and sweaters and the like) the company has gone too far: Just compare and contrast the logo to the Miss Sixty inernational brand. Even to my untrained eye in typography, it is absoloutely and undeniably the same. They simply took the M-I-S-T-Y from the foreign brand and appropriated them as being their own. Shame, just as DT was doing decent efforts in communication, they fall into the easiest trap of plagiarism.

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