Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Albert Sharpstein

Legend has it that a Chinese emperor summoned his court philosopher and presented him with a twig, then told him "Make it shorter without breaking it. Give me back your answer in one week or else you shall perish." A week later, the philosopher came back with two twigs - the original that the emperor had given him - and a second one, taller than the first. And he said "If we put these two twigs next to each other, your twig will be "shorter" without being broken." And so everything is relative, even relativity (Sorry Albert!). This is what the new Sharp refrigerator is marketing.... Pineapples looking as small as eggs and melons the size of cherries... Maybe the whole thing initiated from cherry tomatoes, but all things considered - and relatively speaking of course - it is a catchy ad which makes it statement well.
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