Monday, February 11, 2008

Who is copying the food?

Lately, there has been a good bunch of copy related to food outlets. The "wake cup" campaign initiated by Dunkin Donuts has not gone unnoticed to the eyes. But it was Nando's who actually took the (wake) cup from Dunkin! Investigation by Beirut/NTSC showed that all the Nando slogans were produced in-house by staff and managers which only seconds my theory that (what's dubbed) "amateur" copy can sometimes outweight the best the pros in the business.

Their billboard sports wishes for the new year of among others "prosperi-perity" (with peri peri being their trademark sauce). The waiter's t-shirts also show some amusing slogans on both the front and the back as well. To say that their creative work is worth my money would be hypocrite though because I eneded up dining eleswhere that night.
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