Monday, October 8, 2007

Walls and no ice cream!

The above photos were taken respectively, in Beirut and in Damascus. The first one above is a poster that has been hung in "strategic" locations around the city. Its translation says: "FOR SALE. Pedigreed city for the future (Beirut's selling line - courtesy of Saatchi and Saatchi circa 1992) in the Middle East, with sea view, temperate climate, inhabited by young, old and youth, with possibility of installments."
Beirut/NTSC contacted the email found at the bottom of the poster and the person behind it replied - when asked about the message behind the - that "The posters are a socio-political intervention, protesting against the current situation. I took the initiative to sell my city, it's a step forward, don't you think?"
The second photo was taken at the Syrian National Museum.... First it said "Please no enter." It was modified to become "Please no entery" and then subsequently "Please do not entery". The ironic part is that one of the guards took it aside and invited us to "enter" anyway. No comment.

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