Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not any green... Army green!

As a former lieutenant in the Lebanese army, Beirut/NTSC strongly supports the military institution. The recent tumult in the north of Lebanon has however drawn all the Lebanese population behind the army so much it has become a fad more than anything else. Immediately, advertising jumped on the bandwagon and billboards, TV ads and the whole she bang was released.

Soon however, repetition hit (How many times can Hollywood music be put on beauty shots of soldiers before it becomes repetitive?), but some of the interesting samples are shown above:

The first refers to the Phenix legend (My ashes are a life to Lebanon).

The second refers to the cedar trees of Lebanon which are also found on the flag with the headline: For "it" to remain green.

The third to the national anthem (In the full eye of the nation - taken from the lyrics of the anthem).

An honorable mention goes to a billboard where the "camouflage" of the army is in the pattern of the map of Lebanon and whose headling goes "Al Amrou lak" (The order is yours) - a classical expression in the military is "The order is mine" to indicate who is in charge of the situation.

But of course, the question is - as with every other unsigned campaign - who is finacing this and why? (The only exception is a series of billboards signed "Aboumerhi group" a shipping company... But the rest, with signatures such as "the Lebanese people" or simply with no signature beg the question of who and why!)
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