Monday, May 21, 2007

The missing link!

Cyberia has launched a big campaign to push the introduction of the ASDL in Lebanon, the idea is to us the letters A-S-D-L and then come up with a headline based on them... The implementations are: Avoiding Dedicating a Second Line, Awal Darb Sera3a bi Lebnan (Which uses the latin alphabet to write Lebanese phonetics with the difficult sounds replaced by numbers - numbers which in reality resemble the shape of the sounds in questions. The meaning of the sentence goes: First fast road in Lebanon), the third is "AlwaysDare to Surpass the Limit" interestingly, the word "the limit" is printed on the "next" billboard in an allusion than ever space is being overcome by Cyberia. The only glitch in the concept is why would Cyberia want to overstep its billboard space to go to one that is paid for by a textile shop (Warde?)... What is the creative link between both? What percentage did Cyberia pay from the second ad?
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