Monday, January 22, 2007

Everybody else is doing it, so why can't Rotana?

In a new installment of the come-up-with-a-concept-and-I-will-steal-it-to-make-it-better, Rotana has entered the fuss with what some people deemed a lame attempt to be in the spotlight, but which I personally found to be a very smart coup from their part. To put things into perspective, Rotana is a music television owned by Zillionaire Al-Waleed Ben Talal. The ad in question is about the try outs for their talent show "The X-factor".
Here's the facts: A new billboard appeared on Dora with the same layout, art direction, colors, font, etc... as the one that the Lebanese opposition has been plastering as of late everywhere in the city and which (If you boys and girls have been following this blog - and here I refer to the first entry below!) is only a mimicking of the "I love life" campaign.
Except that, whereas the opposition had slogans like "We want to live" (Which is the slogan by the "I love live" campaign) to which they added in graffiti "In dignity"... Rotana used the words "We want to sing", and in graffiti "On Rotana"... The ad was a huge success as many people were slowing down to read it thinking it's a new installment in the saga, so there was an assumption that it was some sort of retaliation from the "I love life" campaign to the opposition.
It is obvious that whomever did this ad, is someone well-versed into the Lebanese landscape, and for that alone, a pan-Arab channel such as Rotana ought to be congratulated for not including us in the foray of boring ads normally directed to the whole region - which tend to dumb the Lebanese down!
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