Friday, November 20, 2015

Call me unpatriotic but the national anthem as ringing tone annoys me.

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So my mother has a new ringing tone.
My friend has a new ringing tone.
The head of our department has a new ringing tone.
Whenever I tried calling anyone on mobile today, be it on touch or Alfa, the same ringing tone came.
I was like - what is happening? Why does everyone have the national anthem on ringing tone? Until, dumb as I am I figured out it was our national carriers celebrating the independence holiday by imposing this on all phones.
Call me unpatriotic, it is irritating. It takes the dignity out of the anthem - which like it or not - does have dignity. It makes it banal. And frankly it makes it irritating. I do not want to hear the same strophes repeatedly when I am anxious to speak to a client, or want to see how a friend is doing.
Hey, if you really want to celebrate independence dear touch and Alfa how about scarpping 22% (because of November 22nd connotation - our independence day) from my bill or better, 43% because had our independence in 1943? Food for thought!

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