Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I want all-seeing Israeli binoculars!!! STAT!

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Wow! Benjamin Netanyahu was photographed this week overseeing the Gaza operation Israel is leading through... Capped binoculars! But fear not, it is the same model that Amir Peretz was seen sporting in 2007 following the disastrous operation in Lebanon, and  apparently, an older version of these all-seeing marvels have been sported by Ariel Sharon himself in 2002 during the second intifada. Those binoculars which allow you to see through capped Lenses are truly high on my purchase list! To quote that incredibly funny joke by Almanar (The Hezbollah mouthpiece) to Peretz "chef yalli ma byenchef" ("we made him see what could never be seen!" - a local expression of someone meeting fear in forms he had never seen before! Considering he was Minister of Defence during the 2006 Israeli operation on Lebanon).

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