Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This blog is NOT mine to delete.

This weekend (Sept. 26-27, 2015) I was this close to deleting this blog. I am the kind of person who burns bridges, so when I say delete this blog, I meant erasing every shread of it on the net, not just making it private or unpublishing it. Turning my back as Merlin did to Queen Mab and just get on with my life.
I am not someone who does focus groups in decisions, so when I take a decision - no matter how radical - it is not my habit to consult friends or family.Oddly it was not the lawsuits that made me think of this, it was - as is always the case in decisions - a much smaller factor that came into play which drove me over the edge.
Reason prevailed due to a combination of circumstances, mostly someone on instagram asking "does anyone ever read this stuff?" benath one of her posts - an ironic sentence planted in the descriptive of a photo in between other details and hashtags. And so I replied "yes, someone does, keep at the great job", She answered gratefully and continued whatever she was doing.
On Sunday night, while speaking to a friend telling her I have had it and was very close to deleting the blog throughout the weekend, she simply said "C'est pas ton blog! C'est le blog de tout le monde!" (It is not your blog! It is everyone's blog!).
So there, I really did not think of it that way. Sure, I do have tens of thousands of visitors per month, but being rather introverted (not to say reclusive), I am away from the fray of those comparatives of "I have more readership and deserve to have the freebies" and all that who-pisses-farther contests. So I never thought of the crowd that reads this, even if they do exist en masse.
So voila, seems I was acting selfish, and the hoards of people who seem to like my output will get a reprieve.
More stuff will come, for better or for worse.

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