Sunday, September 13, 2015

Faber-Castell does a brilliant brand extension

To take a brand from its core audience and diversify it is an odd situation. You often end up with a flop - your target audience feels marginalized and the new customers you were seeking are hard to persuade. Victorinox, the make of Swiss knives has now made a strategic shift and went into mountain gear - smart move. After all, the same people who are willing to buy Swiss knives are the adventurous people with an active lifestyle, it fits. Enter Faber-Castell mostly known for their coloring crayons.
For the back to school period, they have issued ads about backpacks, which again, shows how much they understand their audience. Why settle for crayons and the good times they bring you as a child, when you can have the same pleasure growing up - perhaps with graffiti cans (wink to the ad above).
Yes, when you say crayons you often think of Faber Castell, so as a reflex and out of nostalgia to those times, the backpacks should bring the same amount of joy.
Smart move, success is in the bag!

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