Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Domino's Pizza: Failure is not an option

Did you know that in the US Domino's Pizza uses "Failure is an option as a selling Line"? After a streak of PR disasters, Domino's decided to turn tables, ride the wave of defeat that any normal person can relate to, and capitalize on that idea. The line is not used in the area here due to he sensitivity and perhaps unpreparedness of the audience, still, the campaign above does show that failure is not an option. "Heik heik" has no proper translation in English apart from "since it is" which fails to give it the ironic and cute tone of voice it is supposed to be used in. "Since it is your idea", "since you're still dressed", "since you don't like football", and other such notions/excuses to send someone over to get a large pizza for 12,000 LBP. The ads are inundating the town but at least they are cute!

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