Monday, April 20, 2015

Lotto: #Goodbyebadluck #helloidiocy

Sigh. If it ain't broke don't fix it.... The beautiful Monday/Thursday for the Lebanese lotto with the classic selling line "iza mich el taneyn, el khamis!" (if not Monday, then Thursday) are no more. Instead we have an incomprehensible, unfocused, bewildering, off-target, tone-deaf, hashtag-driven, western-flavored, dumb-as-f*ck campaign. And that's a kind way to describe it. The image above suffices to explain how the Lotto, which targets all Lebanese socio-economic classes (mostly middle and below), which should be in vernacular Arabic, geared towards aspirational or at least hopeful individuals, has been transformed into an entity which is repulsive, lacking in humour and frankly not engaging in any way. As I pointed out elsewhere on the blog, and according to Dr. House "miserable stays miserable, happy doesn't buy lottery in the first place." This ad gives one additional reason not to buy lottery.

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