Monday, February 9, 2015

Portofino? No Dior-to-Himo....

To start off the week, what better than to point the similarities between two ads? Himo Jewelry pulled off a lovely ad for their Portofino collection, "the occasion is you" says their beautiful selling line. Sadly, I had ALREADY found "Love in Portofino" by way of he 2012 Dior ad and instead of an Elissa lookalike (with more reasonable lips) it was famous model Jac Jagaciak who was - writing on a typewriter on her hotel room bed, having coffee outdoors in white sunglasses (note the omission of the dog which is considered impure in Moslem religion and Himo has to cater for clients from across the spectrum),  enjoying the sepia colors of the city a la Dolce Vita, and so on and so forth. Himo looks like a condensed version of the Dior ad with product placement for jewelry. The occasion is not you, the occasion is a missed one to get some creativity.

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