Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cherif: no honor. Said: No sense of humor.

The French police just named two suspects in the Charlie Hebdo shooting while the third turned himself in. I understand the notion or "guilty until proven innocent" when your IQ is so low you forget your ID card in the getaway car, this pretty much seals it.
Please meet: Cherif Kouachi (Cherif means honorable, while this one has no iota of it), and Said Kouachi (Said means happy, while this one has no sense of humor whatsoever to laugh at the Charlie Hebdo jokes).
These men give manhood a bad name, give Islam a bad name, give respect and freedom of speech a bad name, give being a homo homo sapiens a bad name. And the biggest irony is that #JesuisCharlie applies to them more than anyone else. In the future, you, me, him, her will embrace other causes while their names will be forever tied to ONE name only: CHARLIE.

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