Sunday, December 14, 2014

Oum Ali, new video art by Tarek Chemaly

Georgina Rizk was elected Miss Universe in 1971 while representing Lebanon, the Christian beauty went on to marry Ali Hassan Salameh – Yasser Arafat’s chief of security for the PLO and the mastermind of the Munch’72 Olympics operation whereby Israeli athletes were slain by Palestinian guerilla fighters. In Arabic culture, a woman is named “mother of” after the name of her first male child (so “Oum Ali” refers to the child which was born 3 months after Salameh’s liquidation by the Mossad). When Rizk’s current (and second) husband – singer Walid Toufic appeared on television – he referred to her as “Oum Ali” to the furore of the Christian population who saw the beauty having a title which obviously refers to a Muslim name. The soundtrack of the ambient sounds ends with the way ABC television covered the Munich crisis.

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