Wednesday, December 10, 2014

7UP goes back to the future with new logo.

Thankfully it seems PepsiCo is updating that corny logo for 7UP (from the current one which was boxy, boring and lacked joie de vivre) with one which seems more like a facelift from their old 50s branding. Yes, the "up" inside the bubble is still there reminiscent from the previous logo which was just mercifully killed, but the retro curves are back, the 7 and the lettering seem close to the old logo they paraded in the old days. I tried to over impose the grid from one logo to the other, and yes, there seemed to be an air de famille there (except there was more distortion in the newer version as compared to the old one in the photo above). But all of this is great news.... it seems 7UP is on its way to reaffirm that "it's cool to be clear"... Or even better, to the "uncola" daysl

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