Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The reason why the Zoughaib billboards are cut!

Image source Najib Mitri
Najib has asked a pertinent question, one that I have been asked previously by my advertising and graphic design students "why are the Zoughaib billboards cut?". Actually, the photo he took is one of the "good" ones, other are so blotched it's pathetic. Naturally, having observed this phenomenon myself I started rationalizing why a supposedly upscale brand would butcher its ads so majestically. The reason I came up with is so benign it is frightening! It's very simply called "recycling". You see, if you look at the way the ads are cut, always omitting words from the brand's name on all of those unfortunate executions, you'd realize "gee! if they had a little more space they could have save the day, maybe one more meter!" - so think about all those cut ads, add a meter or a bit more in certain cases to them and you will get the standard size of a unipole! The 14x3. Yes, these ads which are currently being shown are previous unipoles the brand has used, and so because they are "environmentally friendly" or maybe "cheap" and "not brand image conscious" they decided to recycle them on whatever current size fits - the stretch of the highway between Zouk and Jounieh has the highest casualties.
A reprint could have cost as much as a diamnond necklace they are selling. Did they do it? No, they prefer to be stingy and cheap.

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