Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Revealed: Amal Alamuddin is Wonder Woman.

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly
So now it's been revealed: Amal Alamuddin is the real Wonder Woman. Hollywood casting agents take note (and Mr. Clooney AKA Mr. Amal Alamuddin should get her signed to some top notch agent). This woman - like in the Percy Sledge song - "can do no wrong". Brains: check, education: check, style: check, and the list goes on. Actually, even her father - a retired University of Beirut professor - said that her marriage is good for the Middle East which basically gives the extravagnza geopolitical weight. Apart from the "politics" of it, the social implications are huge: Finally, a Middle Eastern woman (fine, she just lived in Lebanon for 2 years before being whisked away to London but bear with me), who is liberated, doesn't fit a stereotype or mould, is actually a Druze (but for some reason that seems fine with international media), has opinions which otherwise seem not-too-politcally correct by the US standards (she is overtly anti-Israel), did not resort to plastic surgery, and - to sum it up - is anti-everything Arab women has been portrayed as for a long time... basically, either "veiled-to-burqa-wearing-entities-succumbing-to-patriarchal-authority-and-confined-to-household-premises" or "manufactured-sex-doll".
Then comes Amal Alamuddin. There you have it, Wonder Woman she is.

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