Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Home city vs Apple - copycat slogan?

I still smile when I remember that I see similarities everywhere, "laughable" someone recently said. OK, so let's see if this makes you laugh or not. "Live different" for Home City (by none other than the agencies that basically is incapable of coming up with an idea on its own) and the classic "think different" signature for Apple.
My theory about similar ads includes three parts: the theft, the spoof and the tribute. The first part is when the core creative element is stolen, the second is when the ad is being laughed ad, and the third is when the fame of the ad is capitalized on to draw attention to something else (most usually a social cause for example).
One of the first things I detected in the ad, is the repetition in the Home City of the grammatical error in the Apple slogan - because to be correct the selling line should be "think differentLY". so when I read "live different" this is when the similarities started in my mind.
To be fair however, I actually loved the Home City ad - the transposition of the diver to the table as jumping board is pretty lovely. But the live different is the bit that annoys me. Any other slogan - with no references to previous famous ones - would have done.

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