Thursday, September 11, 2014

Geely plays insensitively on double-entendres

Photo credit: Georges Najm
Let's recap the facts: ISIS (or da3esh as it is commonly called) is one of the most serious geostratgic threats on Lebanon and the region at large - the way they interpret the Islamic codes and teachings is at best, barbaric, not to mention them kidnapping Lebanese armed forces members after fierce battles whereby they tried to expand to the Lebanese territory. And what does Geely, the Chinese car brand (or whomever is doing its ads in Lebanon) do? They play on words about da3esh with "da3es" (which means pedal to the metal or full throttle ahead). Nevermind the content of the ads once this is done, they are insensitive, culturally and socially inappropriate, and are of extreme bad taste. Unless they are trying to sell it to Abou Bakr Al Baghadi - the self-proclaimed caliph - then these are frankly a disaster!

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