Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beirut Beer vs Pepsi - too close for comfort (UPDATE)

I know the title of this post might be confusing, please note I am not comparing tastes, I am just pointing out that the headline of the newly launched Beirut Beer by Kassatly Chtaura which is "inta adda" (you're up to it!) is very very close to the signature by Pepsi "khallik adda" (keep being up to it) which was used for a very very long time (and it was the Arabic transposition of "ask for more"). It's still too fresh in my memory for this to benefit from statute of limitation on copycat crimes.
UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me (thank you Isabelle Tanios!) that the closeness to Pepsi has been done before, whereas I could not find a photo of the XXL (Ma 7ada Adda - no one is up to it!) I did however find a clear example of Beat "adda w 2doud" (Up to it and then some!)
So apparently the slogan has been stolen more than once.

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