Friday, July 11, 2014

Of all these things is made my summer wine (round up)

It could be the calmness of the summer, or the bad economic situation, or the languishness of Ramadan, whatever it is, there's precious little material rolling in. Still, I managed to gather those.
Bitar - which sells "modern curtains" - comes up with this incredible interpretation (pity there's just one visual in the campaign!) "you feel like going nuts? Keep it under wraps!" - the "khalliya mastoura" or "keep it under wraps is how Lebanese talk when a scandal or something embarassing might go public. I love it, but again, it's an "orphan" visual.
Buitoni scores a very nice Ramadan ad, yes I know, blink and it could easily be in the "just add moon" but the moon is made from pasta making use of the brand's product (and beautifully shot too) to complete the spirit of the ad. Quite love it.
"And if you give a good deed, he shall multiply it" - well, whoever said that egoism is not a factor in giving and it entices people to donate to Dar Al Aytam Al Islamiya.
Gardenia, used - frankly for no reason at all - "habbaytak bil sayf" (the famous Feyrouz song) which means "I loved you in the summer" to pomote their stuffed vine leaves. The product is not season-specific and the line has been used in a better context by Agha Sarkissian (hab-baytak bil sayf- "I loved your house" which was fitting for Sarkissian which sells household appliances and that specific implementation was the ACs). Not a copycat considering that the line is not stealable to begin with, but still a confusing ad.
LC Zotye - a Chinese car - is going with "the smallest of her siblings and the biggest among its peers"... Ok, so now we know it has bigger models among the same brand and comparatively it is large for its own category.
Wow! Out of left field comes this beautiful civic action from Sawt Al Mada (on the bridge next to Mirna Chalouhi) "Want to commit suicide? Not on my turn! Use the pederstrian bridge" Very good one indeed. Pity it is not displayed on more places.
Yet another product we use massively, but rarely think of. Tuile l'abeille - the tile that is present on many many rooftops, closed balconies or extended surfaces. But it has a name, and yes, it has been the "first in Lebanon since 1860".
The reason I am including this in the round up is that it's incredible! I have no idea what this guy sells or paddles or whatever post he is nominated for but the ad is hillarious "remember this name, the man of strictness and decisions, Garo Kalfayan" - isn't it just... Epic?

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