Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bonsoir... Bonsuarez!

So you know the greeting "bonsoir", and a Lebanese would reply "bonsoirien" (two bonsoirs!) - but this time it's a bonsuarez what's with the Urguayan player having had a antipasti from the Italian player. Two Lebanese brands jumped on the bandwagon - Master's potato chips advocated it was never the players they wanted us to munch on and Shwarmanji said that even if not Italians "we're worth every bite"... Well, as long as brands do not bite more than they can chew, we'll all going to be fine!

Update via blog baladi:
Seems I have missed the Lord of the Wings one:
So there, the one above is self explanatroy as well - even if weaker than the Shawarmanji interpretation.

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