Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Adventures in Paintbrush - early works by Tarek Chemaly

Today I decided to release some very early works of mine. They date back to 1997-1998. I called the series at the time "Adventures in paintbrush" and yes, till today this is the only software I use to create my artworks. What is interesting about these pieces is that they prove we can't escape ourselves, even then the same elements were being used over and over (the face in the first image was actually taken from a self-portrait, the truck and the bulldozer also reappear in different shapes in several pictures) and how influenced I am by memory, slices of life, and ultimately registration of fleeting moments in addition of course to pop colors. Recently some very interesting digital art was unearthed for Andy Warhol, and there too, the inability to flee one's self is so flagrant one wonders if we ever do.

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