Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A stick from every valley!

As the Lebanese saying goes this is a "stick from every valley", meaning a bit of mix and match.
 The first ad that caught my attention was "Arak Brun" (I am not sure if it's just me but it took me hours to figure out how to read it, again, it could just be me!). "The tastiest Arak.. Just ask your father". Yes indeed, nothing to strengthen inter-generational bonding more than comparing notes over triple distilled arak. Not sure sure it's the best positioning though, something so retro, one needs a previous generation to testify upon it.
 Maybe on a good day this ad would be all right, as it is - it's not. I am sorry if the pillar got in the way but then by the time one reads "is it too heavy on the stomach?" (with an illustration of a cow), one abandons the ad - until much later the words "then exchange it for soy milk". Seriously, the answer is so much an after-thought it actually ruins the effect.
Nike is doing two versions of this, one in red and one in yellow - the red goes "nothing to lose but defenders" and the yellow "no greater danger than playing it safe" (both are under a campaign called "Risk Everything"). Quite motivating for the World Cup!
The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities is going with a campaign to rehabilitate and expand the Roumieh prison which has two visuals "such a prison does not imprison terror" and the second "if it doesn't get big it doesn't get small" (a local saying which means only when things get out of hand that one readjusts them). It is all signed with the phrase "Prisons: A problem with an exit".

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