Thursday, June 5, 2014

A scribbling more powerful than graffiti.

When Burners did they BBQ Graffiti a while back, sadly I was deep in logistic constraints so I could not show up to their initiative. But when I did the effort to shoot the beautiful output that came out of that expedition, I could not but notice something so striking. Right above the aesthetically appealing results which are so mind blowing, and which were done on the internal court of Demco Steel, is a metal shack which I presume the workers of the factory sleep in. And on its wall, scribbled by hand is "Ahibik Mot" (I love you to death). Mind you a while back I argued that graffiti in Lebanon was dead, because it had lost its provoking, defying stance and has become a mouthpiece for brands wanting to be hip and cool.
And so whereas there's no doubt the aesthetic value of the Burners exercise was exceptional it's the scribbling on top, visceral, heart-felt, personal, done without permits, rules, typographic merit or preparatory sketches, which speaks more than the studied, intricate and complex graffiti below it ever does.

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