Sunday, June 8, 2014

10 (Other) Problems Every Girl Will Face This Summer

Recently, a blogger exposed a list of 20 problems every girl would face this summer - almost everything was there: From monokini tan lines to choosing between rosé wine and champagne or settling the question of holidaying in Marbella or Mykonos. At the end of the exhaustive run down was the question: Have I missed any?
Beirut/NTSC taking all questions seriously attempted to think of what indeed could have been missed. Here's some of the problems (less benign naturally) which I found along with some girls who actually faced them in real life.
1 You risk being beaten to death by your husband with the use of a pressure cooker. Ex: Manal Assi
2 You might be getting killed by a male relative who will dress it up as an “honor crime” and will get away with “alleviated circumstances” and end up with a minimum prison sentence if any. Ex: many women across all sects
3 You will have your “funeral” organized by your father because you married a man from a different sect (complete with eulogy papers and a wake). Ex: Aicha Kork
4 You will beaten in public while 9,116 other women won’t do anything about it. Ex: The Beirut Marathon Lucien Bourjeily stunt for March (as initiated by M&C Saatchi)
5 You will not be allowed to travel without your husband’s permission, but you can have jewelry instead. Ex: Joallerie Moukarzel
6 You will be called a slut for not wearing extremely conservative dresses or for daring to bare a tiny fraction of your body. Ex: Marie France
7 You will be called slut for wearing extremely conservative dresses (you are a slut both ways mind you). Ex: The nutso guy who is painting idiocies all over Beirut.
8 You will be chased by 4x4 cars with tainted widows and still be expected to feel safe doing your corniche walk. Ex: Any girl walking on the corniche.
9 You will die in mysterious circumstances after not having seen your child for a long time when its father keeps telling it that his real mother is his own mother (i.e. the child's grandmother) and that you are only there to clean up after him. Ex: Cristelle Abou Shakra
10 Tainted windows or not, you will be whistled at, harassed, verbally abused and otherwise provoked by over-macho men with zero self-esteem but are naturally supposed to comply to their advances and indeed ride with them. Ex: Any girl walking on the street - broad day light walkers included.
So now it's my turn to ask: Did I miss any?  

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