Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spoiler alert: The town is full of bad ads.

This round up is not very flattering, so be forewarned.
Activiyeahhhh - your happiness is in your health. Oh and a downloaded royalty free image from one of those online banks. Seriously corny ad.
Sale On at Meuble Decor with the O in the shape of the on switch? Never been done before, right?... Yest apparently in some "creative" imagination still still counts as funky. I give up.
7alliya ma3 Danette - sweeten your moments. I go back to The Devil Wears Prada: "Flowers? For spring? Groundbreaking!"... I already gave up above this one makes me want to... Oh never mind.
Dear Waterfront City, the 90s called and they want their mushiness back. 
Solet Tapis is bragging about "what surreal feeling" but the word "mish tabi3e" also means "not natural" (or synthetic). So it seems they are selling fake grass? Or artificial floor covering? And bragging it is not real?
It would be too harsh to include this ad in this series, at least visually it's "clean". But creatively, "new juices are born" to Candia/Libanlait only to double down with "Congratulations it's an apple".... Is a tad too much. Especially when the concept is barely first degree.
And in terms of cheesiness, messiness, and outright hilarity, Gardenia Grain d'Or takes the crown. Imagine this on a billboard. Two men, one Canadian, one... Russian? It's a like a bad pastiche of the Tea Party and ZZ Top and a whole lot of silly copy. 

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