Thursday, May 1, 2014

Questions From a Worker Who Reads No Garlic No Onions

No Garlic No Onions just came up with this ad for Labor Day - considering he (Anthony Rahayel) is specialized in food criticism it was truly nice to think of the people who do not appear on the menu (pun!). The hidden people in the back kitchen, the cleaning staff, the logistical one, those who never have the spotlight shining on them. And Beirut/NTSC being - ahem - Beirut/NTSC all of this reminded me of a poem by Bertolt Brecht "Questions from a Worker Who Reads". Interestingly, twice in the poem does Brecht mention food and cooking: "Caesar defeated the Gauls. Did he not even have a cook with him?" and "Every page a victory. Who cooked the feast for the victors?"

The full poem can be read here. And with this... Happy Labor Day!

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