Saturday, May 24, 2014

Haifa for President

When we couldn't agree on a president before (and ended up with Michel Sleiman) someone suggested "Haifa for President". Offer still holds now that tonight we are ending up with a constitutional void. Pity she is busy with  - but when taping is finished she is welcome to Baabda. Sure, she's Shiite and the president is by constitution a Maronite, but why let such a small detail spoil the opportunity?
In the words of our former Prime Minister Salim El Hoss to Raymond Edde (both RIP) when the latter said "get me the Syrians and the Israelis out and I become president of the republic", Hoss replied "if we get the Israelis and the Syrians out I bring Georgina Rizk (former Miss Universe in 1971) as a president!" - so who knows all bets are on the table! #haifaforpresident

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