Friday, May 23, 2014

Ads all over town.

In case you have been wondering what's going on in town in terms of ads, here's your fix!
If this Dolce Farfalla ad is supposed to read "peace and love" I am more seeing it as "make love not worry" with a huge phallic symbol tossed in between. If there's any other interpretation I am ready to listen.
Going on with the sultry theme, Ellina a brand of lingerie (so the use of barely clad women is justified) gives us "Fit for a queen". No one said she had to be constipated though. But at least there's plenty of flesh in the different visuals of the campaign.
Now this is the typical example of an done by the marketing department. Supposedly funny, self-aware in terms of creativity, and executed by malak el photoshop (who happens to be a cousin of the head of the marketing department). I need a scotch (whiskey) to get over such an idiocy.
Now there's something lighthearted, but not sure fitting for the purpose. A new loyalty card called YoYo whereby "everything goes back to you" (yes like a yo-yo)... But, the name itself is too gimmicky to be fit for the context. Not even world celebrated cellist Yo-Yo Ma gets credibility with such a name!
I am trying to interpret the Mobilitop offer as 1-seater, 2-seaters and 3-seaters. I guess this is how it is intended to be viewed. For whatever's worth, and for such a boring product it actually works (sometimes I do respect the amount of difficulty in a brief and how the ad gets made anyhow with a hint of interesting final product).
And here come our intrepid heroes the Lebanese Red Cross with an ad (with a bullet ridden cross no less) which says "don't stand in our way... our path is neutrality" - I guess this conjunction with their yearly fundraiser on the roads (at least I think they still do it). A worthy remind on all accounts.
And since this is now officially bugs season, Vape comes with this ad "it only requires one spray"... Thing is, the mosquito is small relative to the ad one actually misses it (same with the cockroach version of the ad).

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