Sunday, May 4, 2014

About the M&C Saatchi staged stunt at the Beirut Women's Marathon

So M&C Saatchi pulls off a great stunt (the idea has been done before to sensibilize people as to how unemphatic they are - still trying to locate the video. Basically, the original stunt tells people that everything is real in the ad, the blows, the indifferent people, the train, but the two men having a fight are actors). Anyhow, I am not the first blogger to post about this, but at least I am reading this in the advertising context. It was apparently directly by Lucien Bourjeily who is very versed in improvised theater and is signed for March NGO. I guess the fact that it is timely, and demonstrates how utterly indifferent marathon runners are for the plight of a fellow woman when they are supposed to be running for them (that's at least the motto of the women's marathon - run forward). I think the stunt shows clearly that it is much easier to pretend to care, to wash the guilt from the conscience, to be a slacktivist, as opposed to really do something on the ground.

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