Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vero Modca by Tarek Chemaly: or our failed collective memory

When the celebrated café Modca became the clothing store Vero Moda in Hamra street it signaled the end of an era and also the metamorphosis of a spirit of a street which paid the toll of the “non-war” (in order not to say peace) more than any other place. This is a multimedia project which eventually will culminate in performances combining scenography and new media. Vero Modca will open tomorrow at Sation Beirut, questioning our collective memory, wondering if it could be in lieu of a traditional history book, and hoping it would lead to a national identity which we all could agree upon.
Vero Modca, part of #InMediasRes - Station Beirut (near Beirut Art Center in Jisr el Wati) - 20:00.

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